Sunday, April 15, 2012

A mischievous little boy.



He's momo, 6-moths old, a white poodle. And he got a look alike brother named baibai. They totally have extreme personality, one is so well-behaved and another is so impish. He likes to bite your legs, hands AND HE LIKE TO PULL YOUR HAIR ESPECIALLY LONG HAIR with his sharp teeth. You might have a sneak attack any time. Because of him, i got scars on my arms and legs luckily it already fully recovered -.-  Sometimes it's really cheesed me off but no matter what he has done, he's way too cute, can't resist! Absolutely defeated by this little devil also have an ambivalent feelings toward him.

He's the one who turned the whole house upside down, he's a little monkey, he's a devil, he's just a wolf with sheep's clothing. Don't judge this puppy by it pathetic look, don't believe me? I show you some evidence (picture 3). These rabbit and teddy are his ‘playmates' and we've a lovely, white, cotton teddy bear which wearing a sailor dress (picture 2) along with him when the day we adopted him. But unfortunately, she was sacrificed (╯﹏╰) she died without leg and, no, it's not a coincidence dead case she was brutally murdered by this cruel wolf with sheep's clothing. As the picture shown above, you can see they're physically disabilities without eyes-without ear-without nose. 

When he did something wrong, my mum surely will give him little punishment and he could sense the 'danger' so he always flee under the couch to hideout. However, sometimes he'll runs around like a mad dog as fast as greased lightning. Will your dog after finished a shower, he'll run around and rubbing against any and everything? I think most of the dogs will did the same thing as my dog :D Moreover, he's also a little greedy pup, he eat whatever things that drop off from the floor. He loves tissue papers and cottons, i dunno why -_- One funniest thing, he eat like a vacuum cleaner ''soo-ooo-ooo-ooop'' no food left in his bowl, everything  c l e a r. I always treat my dog as a family member, building deep relationship day by day, he's a lotta fun. We all love him so much 

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