Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Friday

2 weeks school holiday is going to end sooooon, very soon. Refresh back, seriously i didn't employ my time wisely just sleep-eat-facebook and not even finish my school homework, too lazy me -.- Before the holiday start, i've already been planning out in my head what I've to study or to do some revision. But i end up doing nothing at all, failing to plan is planning to fail, a very appropriate phrase to describe myself. Went to mickey fair this Friday, various type of design, very creative ! Have a very happy moment with them, making noise inside the train, we're too horrible ! There are smoking lot people inside the LRT when heading to Sg.Wang, just like sardine ! 

Some incident have inspired me to be more filial piety to my mum. I became more and more initiative/voluntary to help my mum do house chores. Just want to reduce the unnecessary burden, now she's busying to take care my grandma, she had a stroke but this is the second time, half body cant move regulary. She totally can't stand/walk, more severe conditions than before. Now she's slightly better, another leg of her is normal mean she still can move regularly but I can read ''I don't want to recover'' in her face. Because she refuse to do exercise, even though doctor told her to do more and she'll said :'' i can't my legs got no strength, i can't... ''. Just stand for 1-5sec a day, not too over right ? We've all tried to convince her do more exercise but she cried... really helpless and hopeless. She herself don't wanna to help herself what can we do. Day by day her weight is increasing, is hard to move her to toilet/bed nowadays. People always said, old people will become baby(personality) when they get old/sick. Hope this 'big baby' will recover soon :)

Good Night , sweet dream.

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