Saturday, June 30, 2012


Well well, i had failed in attempt to make an apple pie. It tastes weird i think it was because of the bread =.= Anyway, this is my appetizer today (it named as azatwhich i make it together with my mum and aunt. I didn't eat this quite a long time so i asked my aunt to guide me. I had a running nose this morning, not in a good condition. Therefore, my mum helped me all the time, hehe. Although there're many steps to deal with but it can satisfy my taste buds! Ehmmm, don't have any interesting program today, stay at home yet i'm going to have my dinner outside with my mum. The only program today :) And yeah, I've a speaking test in the coming ohmygod-Monday TAT so i'll burning the midnight oil. Alas, so nervous, i'm worried that i'm lack of ideas/points to present. Har... just try my best to speak, speak as much as i can. Wish me luck :D


with fried shrimp cake, perfect match!

Thank for viewing :D

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