Saturday, June 16, 2012


Ahahaha, i know i might scare you a little because of my narcissist photo feel a little shy (*^__^*)  Ehmm... seriously i didn't even think of camwhoring such a long time and i don't know why (-_-) i used to camwhore when i was in secondary school, every moment like before sleep, before hang out with friends, after make-up, after have a bath and blah blah. But now i'm very rarely do that. It doesn't makes my blood boil with enthusiasm to camwhore anymore LOL,so serious  yet i love to help someone to take photo although my skill is not that pro! Just fond to be the camerawoman (~.~)  And ya, went to Aeon this morning myself to have my breakfast. I've long since Mc chicken foldover advertisements started to appear in any newspaper or on TV. I'm so into those flat bread as well as KFC toasted poketful!! So bad it just for a limited time :(  After that went to watson bought my daily necessities and also some unnecessary stuff. Spent a lot time inside the book store, searching-searching-and-searching the book that i'm interested and finally i get one.  Yeap, that's all for today. I feel like making an apple pie, an easy apple pie with bread, apple, honey, milk and sugar. Unfortunately, i haven't bought the ingredients yet (-.-) 

Update soon!

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