Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Love the recent weather, cool and shady. Had a very busy week, the most tiring and rushing week because of the monthly test. Seriously I didn't pay much attention in this monthly test compared with last month. Tomorrow last paper - English. Alas, have to enrich my vocabulary Readingweak-Listeningweak-Writingweak-Speakingterriblyweak:( And yeah, I'm so glad that i met someone who shares the same interests as me and is immensely compatible with me. The most crap thing was we studied in the same primary school and i didn't know that until i asked her where she studied, i was astonished to hear that LOL My first impression of her was that she was a quiet girl and a little strange. First impressions are important but can be misleading. After i know more about her, she is so compassionate not just about people, but about animals. We do like cartoons too.

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