Friday, March 2, 2012


Woops, it's March now. It seems the time has passed incredibly fast, but so slow at the same time. Okay, let's get the ball roilling. I have just finished my first monthly test, overall my result has improved somewhat compared to last year. I'll try my best now to achieve my goals, i want a better life. I kept dreaming of a better place, a better life, a better me. Everytime i ask myself, is this the life i'm meant to life ? And each time my heart will say no, there must be something more, much much more than what is right now. 

It's not that i was unhappy with the kind of life i have now. Just i could make things even better, that would add meaning to my life. Sometimes i've been too hard on myself when i make mistakes. I was truly remorseful for what i'd done. Can't forgive myself, and being emo few days. I told myself, nevermind i've to stand up and get back on my feet again, i'll do better next time. Let's accomplish our goals together, do not give up ! 

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