Monday, March 12, 2012


Recently obsessed with a zombie drama - The walking dead. It's scared the hell out of me when i'm watching the season 1 episode 1, i used my pillow to covered my eyes when i feel like something is gonna pop out but i couldn't tear my eyes away. I know i'm going to sound jerk but the first time was quite scary, but after a while, it was okay. This drama is all about the world which dominated by the 'walkers'(zombies), you've to survive otherwise you'll killed and tore to pieces by the disgusting zombies in less than a few minutes(like the picture above). This drama was recommended by my friend, she told me to watch it because it's so nice and excited. One thing, i dunno how they make the zombies look so real that they nearly scared the pants off me. The make up skills are so fantastic. I rate this drama at least 4.5/5 starts, a pretty good drama never thought this drama would actually be good and the leading man looks good, too. 

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