Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Deepest Feeling .

Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a very happy Wednesday =D

I love u more each and everyday ♥
Have you ever loved someone on the quiet,
Where your deepest feelings are kept a secret.
You are drawn to the person like a magnet,
And yet you needed to keep things private.
Yes, I love you and an affair I covet,
If only I could take my emotions out of the closet.
To let you know you are my beloved on this planet,
With a longing that is racing like a never ending circuit.


Yeah. Tomorrow is the last day of exam !!!
Wooohoooo ~~ Can't wait for it ~~ Yoyoyoyoy ~~
Tomorrow going to have paper science. 1 & 2 =.=
I never touch my science since January. XD
I'm wonder tomorrow how I going to answer it.
Oh sucks ! Today account papers ...I answered all the question,but I confirm all the answers are the wrong 1. lol ~
Above is all my feeling for today ,hahahaa.
Can't tell ,nyeknyek ~ that was my secret ~
Ermmm...nothings special for this week. =)
Oklarh ,my eyes is tired now and
my dark circles is more and more deeper now. @.@
Stop here ,Peace should be in our mind ,heart and soul .=D

I wish you a wonderful Wednesday and Enjoy it too whatever you do =D
Thanks for viewing ~ CauCau ~

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