Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thank You maa sisters ♥

Hello . Hola . Wish u all have a very happy Friday=D

Thank for your loving and the Good times  ♥
I appreciate your kindness ,more than words can say;
The very nice thing you all did for me ,really made my day !

Thank You For Your Friendship
Thank you for your friendship and your love.
However life may turn, this gift will be.
A mountain that has made my river bend,
Nor will it flow the same way to the sea.
Knowing you is something I'm made of.
Years will not this part of me remove.
One lives for just a brief eternity,
Understanding truths that never end.
Today went to school for Teacher's Day and it was fun !!
Take a lot of photos with teachers and friends too =X
What a nice day i have ,and also today is my Birthday XDD
Not celebrate with family but with maa sisters ♥
So today just photos larh ,enjoy =)

Part I in the school

sisters again

hehe ,Mr.Cheng and ME =DD

Mr.Yip and me too

yo ,Wei Sherng and me =D

 Ah Fook



 Yin =D

Weee weee

i like this !

Part II  night with sisters


hey is ME =D

solo =DD
 Me and the tall 1

like this !

this too !



 hiehie =D


I wish you a Wonderful Monday and Enjoy it too whatever you do =D
Thanks for viewing.  Cau cau~
p/s : Carmen I already cry T_T (haha)

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