Monday, May 24, 2010

Teen Love Poem

Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a very happy Monday =D

Just Friend ?

You say that you like me,
But that we're just friends;
Can I feel the same?
Well I think it depends.

Can I quit breathing fast
Each time you appear?
Will my heart stop its pounding 

Whenever you're near?

I'd like to feel nothing,
And get rid of the thrill.
I wish I'd stop loving you,
But I don't think I will.

Teen love poems often talk about how one person wishes another would think of them as more than a friend, as this teenage love poem does.
 By Joanna Fuchs
Day 6 - Mid-Year Exam
Haha , still got 3 days to go ~ WeeeWeeeeE` ~
Today Ekonomi test paper 1 & 2 ~.~
Still ok some know answers and lot dunno ,hahaha
After that then PJK ,gossd all dunno answer @@
And today i skipped tuition ,hohohoho ~ so can back early lah =D
Nothings to write much ,don't have such mood to blog =X
Okay ,end here .

I wish you a wonderful Monday and Enjoy it too whatever you do =D
Thanks for viewing. Cau Cau ~~

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