Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Happy Day.

Hello .Hola . Wish you all have a Happy Wednesday ;D

Today I'm so excited and happy also, hahaha~ Cause we have a hot topic to chat today. The topic is 'Can you accept your ex-boyfriend in a relationship with your Friend ?' Erm...The most answers are unacceptable. For me ak, see lor if my ex-boyfriend break with me because of my friend I sure go chop her/him into 18 pieces! Ahahaha, tell me lah who can accept this =.= No one. Don't know why we all are excited de lor~ When all talking about the love love things, hahah!

Okay another news is tomorrow gonna announce a BIG news (國民服務) for the students who born in 1993 XD. Okay, I think I sure kena liao de cause my brother and sister no kena. 99.9% KENA de lah T_T Don't so grey 1st maybe will got some hope, ahahah~ Good Luck !

Thanks for viewing ~ Cau Cau ~

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