Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a Happy Friday ;D

First step in to the class then I feel full of stress. Because all my classmate is starting to do revision and all K-ing their books O.O And the class is quiet than before. Yeah, it is a good phenomenon Haha.Everything is fine today and today tuition was canceled because teacher has a meeting at the same time.

Just want to share my photos XD

Hem...When taking photo my eyes is bigger than ordinary eyes dunno why. Haha, maybe the angle problem and I open my eyes big. Opposite when I take together with friend my eyes like my normal eyes small small one haha. (The arrangement of the photos are not meaning the arrangement in my mind okay ;D just simply arrange)

With Charley.

With the silly one.

With the Huge one.

With the Tall one.

And with the Cute one.

All this are my Friends ;) I'm happy with them. They're humour all the time and sometimes they're naughty XD Okay, I like my Friends.Yeah, you see the different ? I mean my eyes lol. Maybe there is nothing different LOL !

Thanks for viewing~ CauCau~

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