Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wonderful Day.

Hello .Hola . Wish you all have a Happy Sunday ;D

Everything is normal today, wake up> tuition> home> movie> dinner. Yeah made it shortcut. And this evening found some max cute things XD Found 3 little wild doggies near my house, 2 black and one blond. They're so cute lol. They got a little big head ,fat foots so cute ehh! When you saw them you'll in love with em! Promise!

Here 3 little doggies.

Yeah. I like this !

So cute !!

Went aunty's house after tuition. My aunt teach my mum how to made 'chicken eggs cake' translate to chinese please ;) And I babysitter there look after my little devil cousin =.= Goshh, I hate children actually~.~ They're devil for me and always bully wad. That's so easy lor actually just flour, eggs, yellow sugar, a teaspoon of palanda juice. I forgot what it call liao that leaves jiang de green colour long long jiang =X. I think the ingredient is just like this ba if I dint memorize wrong. 
And the photos below. Check it out !

Mix all the ingredient then stir it.

Then pour it into the model.

After that put into oven for 15mins like this gua.
Time is running.
Ding ding ding~ after 15 mins.

Dah Da !! Here the 'chicken eggs cake'.

Nice to eat ler, Yum yum~ You can try it, it is tasty than that sell at outside one. So-called ''Belum try belum tau, sekali try tiap-tiap hari mau ak!'' Haha~ That's all the activities in my day. And let you see my Devil cousin photos. Actually he is cute also lah~.~

With the huge ball.

This ! Little devil.

And end with this photo, just my normal look. Hope you don't mind, Ahaaha. I know it ugly okay =.=

Thanks for viewing~ Cau Cau~

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