Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Full of joys !

Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a Happy Tuesday ;D

Woke up early at 4.30a.m. for Seremban Half Marathon for duty lah. After reached there then I saw Jayden ;D She look silly and sitting alone there Ahaha ! I'm in the group with Sylvia and 2 form 4 guys~ They're humour de lor, haha. And the excited thing is we saw a uncle that who duty together with us look like Donnie Yen-甄子丹 got 90% look alike eh~ I'm so excited you know =.= When I'm form 4 I also same group with this uncle~ Ahaha~ Now I'm so regret cause I dint take any photo with him ;( aiks... Then we started our work poured all the water/revive into cup and served it to all the runners. All the runners are thirsty de lor~ hahah.
Finish all, then we took lorry to went back to A&W. That lorry driver is so naughty =.= He suddenly break and we all body bump in front together =.= Scary a lot de lor. After that we went to jusco and Suzzane took us go ;D

On the lorry. 

When we're on the lorry~The shadows.

2 silly boys ;D

Sylvia , YEA !

Guess ba friends, who is this XD.

At A&W the malay man is trying to change his pants =.= OMG

Me and Suzzane.

Suzzane's car - Going to Jusco.
For watching Twilight Eclipse with Charley and Sylvia. One word Romantic de maa! Love Edward~
I'm Edward's fan so must watch lor~


Carmen, Jayden and me ;)

Yeehaa ~ ;)

Went to Jusco with parents also, haha. And my daddy bought me a new red Conserve shoes~ Hee hee, show off xia XD It is red de not orange ah =.= light effect make it look like orange =P
Da Dah~ 

Thanks for viewing~ Cau Cau~

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