Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have no alternative ...

Hello . Hola . Wish u all have a very happy Wednesday=D

I'm already a BIG GIRL !
I'm sad because my mum don't give me go KL for education fair !
Don't say education fair larh go shopping there also cannot >< Arghhzz !
I thirst for going KL with maa sisters ! You know ?!
And and and and I want to eat the SNOWFLAKS !!! Ahhhhhh~
And I want go BBQ plaza also !!! going to crazy !! T_T
I will go there someday ! Hua hua hua ~
OK ! Let slip it from my mind , don't think it anymore =X

I want to say : I'm proud with YOU ! 
You never do somethings insane because of some "Devil Woman" you know ??
Yeaa ~ I'm talking YOU . (peace~^^v)
Ermmm...she not Woman also ,just like a kid ! yea yea kid =D
Somethings bad happened in this month , you know ? How terrible is it.
Bad things will be past one day~~ So just accept it larh , lol
Today i feel exciting don't know why ~.~
And my best friend already absent 2 days.
Her ''sick'' is coming back lol ~ but we really apathetic already. XD

I wish you a Wonderful Monday and Enjoy it too whatever you do =D
Thanks for viewing. Cau cau ~

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