Saturday, April 24, 2010

Neutral Day

Hello . Hola . Wish u all have a very happy Saturday=D

Friends Forever !
Today go MBO with my Sisters for 初恋红豆冰   
Not very nice but still okok lar ~ haha
After that attend school campfire.
Not very fun (for me lar) not like that high ,sibeh SIEN
No photos for today ~ not in the mood to take also LOL
And somethings bad happened on my friend = =
Some irresponsible person annoyed us.
1 sentences then can pull down all the problems.
Please larh although not your friend also no need like this guaa.
I hate all the dispute ,make me mad ~.~
 This few days i heard many 是非 around me.Dunno what they thinking Zz
Hate 1 people no reason because they found that you are masquerade to others ?
OMG ,tired to listen all this = ="

Heart pain Because of YOU 
I got a friend that friend with me almost 10 years,
Since we are in primary school.
My heart is pain because of her ... I really dunno what she is thinking ...
She got absent 1 week in school for no reason and getting worst and worst...
I try to help her but she really stubborn like a 'cow' .
She absent because of her BF o0o ,Halo friend ! 爱情不是大完的咯 !

Please larh be more consciousness larh ! Don't give up yourself larh !

In all conscience i really H.A.T.E her BF who instigation her don't come to school.
WTF man ! If the boy really loved her then sure do somethings good on her but he not !
And instigation her do this do that , Damn you BOY(I mean her BF) !
We all are really felt disappointed , Wake up please !!
You will regret next time ! We all trying to help you up but u refuse to...
Nothing gonna to say ...You already gave up and what can we do summore
My hear is break ...

I wish you a Wonderful Wednesday and Enjoy it too whatever you do =D
Thanks for viewing. Cau cau ~ 

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